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Adam Wilson — (207) 699-9957 —

I’m a Stanford lawyer who litigated for a decade at firms in SF, LA, and DC such as Gibson Dunn (antitrust, appellate, IP).

I’ve also mediated about 200 business-related disputes.

Now, as an art lawyer who is also a successful visual artist, I focus my ADR work as follows:

(1)  Mediation and

(2) Dispute prevention for

(a) creatives / artists; (b) startups; and (c) professionals.

Details are here.

Cost and logistics are here.

I use conference calls and shuttle diplomacy — this lets parties resolve matters efficiently, on their schedule.

My practice is both national and international.


Experience overview:

  • Mediator for about 200 small business / financial matters;
  • About 10 years of litigation experience at some of the world’s top law firms;
  • 4 additional years training hundreds of employees / managers / executives in dispute / lawsuit avoidance;
  • 150+ hours of court-sponsored mediation training;
  • Experience on multiple court mediation rosters;
  • Clerkship, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Subject areas / spaces / industries:

  • Both one-on-one and multi-party mediations / negotiations;
  • Types of parties:  Individuals, startups, closely-held / family companies, public corporations;
  • Areas of legal experience:  Antitrust, IP, multi-party complex commercial litigation;
  • Areas of ADR and trial experience:  Mediations, arbitrations, trials, appeals.
  • Industries:   Apps, software, high tech, hardware, chips, manufacturing, human resource departments, sales forces.

Art law / artist / creatives experience:

  • I’m both an art lawyer and a successful visual / conceptual artist;
  • Spaces:  Private collectors, corporate collectors, art consultants, art fairs, vendors in New York, LA, and London;
  • Areas of art / creative experience:  Visual art, interior design IP, modeling contracts, art consultant contracts, art fairs.
  • Subject areas include IP, contracts, licensing, infringement, moral rights, and more.


J.D., Stanford Law School, 1999.  Moot Court, Stanford Law Review.

B.A., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1994.


Adam Wilson

(207) 699-9957

Art Museum District

180 High Street #14

Portland Maine 04101


@adamdaleywilson (art)

@adamwilsonartlaw (art law)

One block from the Westin Harborview Hotel; two blocks the Portland Art Museum.


Disclaimer:  When I serve as a mediator or in a dispute avoidance capacity, I do not represent parties as a lawyer, and I do not provide legal advice.  As such, no attorney-client relationship forms.

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