About Dispute Avoidance, Resolution, and Mediation — Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson — adam.daley.wilson@gmail.com — (207) 699-9957

I provide two related services regarding disputes.  Both provide clear value to professionals and startups:

  • Serving as a neutral mediator when a dispute has become full-blown and is in costly, time-consuming litigation;
  • Training professionals and startups on basic ways to avoid, prevent, or reduce business disputes that could become costly, time-consuming litigation.

It almost never makes sense to litigate a business dispute all the way to trial.  As a function of time, cost, and risk management, it all but always makes sense to settle at an appropriate time.  Mediation facilitates this intelligent outcome.  The value I add is this:  (1)  I know how to keep parties at the mediation table; (2) I have the analytical rigor and skill sets needed to focus the parties; and, most importantly, (3) I have the intellectual creativity needed to brainstorm creative but practical business solutions that work for the parties — terms that businesses and professionals are willing to settle upon.

Just as it almost never makes sense to litigate a business dispute all the way to trial, it almost never makes sense to have professionals and startups untrained with respect to avoiding disputes and problems in the first place.  The value I add is this:  (1) I know how to educate and train as to dispute avoidance; (2) I know how to teach professionals how to spot issues early; and, most importantly, (3) I train in a way that stays with professionals, so they have a dispute-avoidance tool-kit ready and waiting for crucial, time-sensitive moments when most mistakes occur.  Similar to an educational seminar, I use case studies and hypothetical examples from the real world to match your office’s or startup’s particular needs.

The service is neutral dispute prevention and/or resolution, usually as a mediator or educator; I do not represent parties. Neither the service nor this site provides legal advice. No attorney-client relationship forms.

Adam Wilson — (207) 699-9957 — adam.daley.wilson@gmail.com — Art Museum District — 180 High Street #14 — Portland Maine 04101 — One block from the Westin Harborview near the Art Museum in downtown Portland.