About Adam Wilson

Nationwide Dispute Resolution + Avoidance for Startups, Business, Creatives and Other Professionals.

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Adam Wilson has mediated about  200 business and financial disputes and lawsuits to date.  He has separately negotiated the avoidance, prevention, mitigation, or resolution of hundreds of other disputes.  Separately, he has also trained hundreds in how to avoid and reduce disputes and legal issues in the workplace.  He has also mentored management and executives in avoiding, reducing, mitigating, and resolving disputes and exposure.

He litigated for a decade at top law firms in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco (e.g., Gibson Dunn), preparing cases for mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeal (antitrust, IP, and multi-party complex commercial litigation).

Before that, he clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

His legal, negotiation, and dispute resolution experience ranges from individuals to startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

He is also a creative entrepreneur and small business person in his own right — over the past half-decade he has worked to become a commercially successful visual artist.

His works sell in the low five figures (as of early 2018); he has successfully worked and sold in the New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Chicago, and other markets; and he handles transactions with corporate collectors, private collectors, art consultancies, and more.


J.D., Stanford Law School, 1999.  Stanford Law Review.  Moot Court.

B.A., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1994.adam-wilson-mediation-business-commercial-legal-maineHere’s my specific value that I add:

Training — 

  • I have trained hundreds of employees on how to spot — and handle — a range of complex issues, actions, and word choices that can create disputes, exposure, and lawsuits;
  • I know how to educate all types of individuals with all types of backgrounds — and tailor my training to match their skill sets and job responsibilities;
  • I train employees, management, and executives on how to anticipate problems before they occur — and how to minimize them once they have started;
  • I give individuals a tool box they will remember even in the crucial, time-sensitive moments when mistakes occur and lawsuits are born;
  • I use truly engaging case studies and hypotheticals from the real world that match your company’s specific needs and keep your people engaged.

Coaching and Mentoring — 

  • I have negotiated the avoidance and/or resolution of hundreds of disputes and potential lawsuits by working with employees, managers, executives, creatives, and other professionals;
  • I know how to de-escalate, reframe, and repair situations and mistakes in order to avoid or reduce exposure;
  • I know how to teach these skill sets to you and your key people through coaching and mentoring — either in advance, before an issue, or in real-time, during a key time or a dispute;
  • In real-time scenarios, I can be available on-call, if needed, practically 24/7/365 by phone, email, or text;
  • My coaching and mentoring gives you and your key people a customized tool box that you can use in future situations — skills you learn and keep;
  • You can precision-fit the mentoring and coaching to fit your exact needs.

Mediation — 

  • I know how to keep parties at the table, even when they are displeased — remember the adage:  The mediation will not succeed until both sides are unhappy;
  • I bring the analytical rigor and business and legal skill sets needed to focus the parties on what is needed to bring home a mediated agreement;
  • I have the legal creativity and experience needed to brainstorm compromises, settlements, and practical solutions that fit your particular business and profession;
  • I know how to build momentum for final terms that both parties, as businesses and professionals, are willing to agree on; and
  • I am efficient and productive — in the right circumstances, some business disputes / lawsuits can be resolved in 1-2 hours.  Obviously, this is no guarantee.