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Services and costs / fees can be custom tailored.  My sliding scale fees are negotiable to fit where you are as an individual, startup, or small business — your size, your cash flow, whether you need after-hours or on-call assistance, and more.  Let’s talk.  We’ll make it work.

Training — Nationwide — $175 to $375/hr

By Telephone — Nationwide

  • Avoidance training can be nationwide by phone — I train your key people; they train others;
  • Training focuses on (1) subject matter education and (2) skills development;
  • Before the training, we speak by phone to custom fit the training to your needs.

In-Person — New England

  • Range is about 2 hours from Portland, Maine — this includes Greater Boston;
  • You decide scope, time, and attendees; I recommend 45 to 90 minutes;
  • Training focuses on (1) subject matter education and (2) skills development;
  • I keep people engaged.  It is high-energy and interactive.  Real-world scenarios, not dry handouts;
    • Add $30/hr for travel outside Portland and a 30% deposit.

Coaching and Mentoring — Nationwide — $175 to $375/hr

  • Coaching and mentoring provides dispute-specific skills, tactics, strategy, and guidance — navigating a particular situation;
  • In advance, or in real-time — before a dispute starts, or when one is live;
  • Available practically 24/7/365 and on-call, if needed;
  • Via phone, email, video, or text messaging — tailor my coaching and mentoring to fit your needs;
  • Coaching and mentoring can be ultra-efficient, so time is billed fractionally — tenths of an hour;
    • Ex:  2 calls, an email, and 3 texts to mentor and coach you to resolve a dispute, total of 12 min, $75.

Mediation — Nationwide — $150 to $350/hr per party

  • Available for disputes or full-fledged lawsuits;
  • Via phone (shuttle diplomacy and conference calls) with emails as needed;
  • Non-business hours available, and the mediation need not occur in one single blocked-out day;
  • I will tell you if your matter requires a specialized mediator or in-person mediation;
  • No mediation briefs; instead I call each party to learn facts, issues, and interests;
  • A pre-mediation agreement is signed to memorialize voluntary participation by the parties;
  • No one can force anyone to stay at the table — it’s mediation — but I work to keep parties going;
  • If an agreement is reached, I draft a short, simple contract that the parties sign;
  • Motivated parties can solve business disputes fast — ultimately, time and cost is up to you.


  • The above services are either educational or consulting services; they do not convey and they are not intended to convey legal advice;
  • I do not represent parties as a lawyer; as such, no attorney/client relationship forms when you contact me nor at any other time;
  • These services are only available in jurisdictions in which they comply with applicable laws and rules of professional responsibility.


Adam Wilson — (207) 699-9957 — — Art Museum Area / Arts District — 180 High Street #14 — Portland Maine 04101

One block from the Westin Harborview Hotel in downtown Portland Maine.