Dispute Avoidance + Resolution: Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Mediation

Adam Wilson — (207) 699-9957 — adam.daley.wilson@gmail.com

3 Services: 

  1. Dispute Avoidance Training;
  2. Mentoring and Coaching — for both Prevention & Resolution;
  3. Mediation — Serving as a Mediator

The value I offer is this:  Money saved, time saved, and distractions reduced.

My services help you stay on track — they help you get back to your business.

Training —

  • I train employees, management, executives, creatives, and other professionals;
  • Topics focus on how to avoid and reduce mistakes and disputes that lead to lawsuits;
  • Training can be in-person (most of New England) or by telephone (nationwide).

Coaching & Mentoring —

  • I coach and mentor before a situation develops — or as it is developing in real time;
  • I provide both guidance and skills development in my coaching/mentoring;
  • You get help with what you’re dealing with now — and you learn tools for future situations;
  • By phone, email, text, or video — as you and your key people need it to navigate disputes;
  • Coaching and mentoring is nationwide — practically 24/7/365 if on-call is needed.

Mediation —

  • I serve as the neutral mediator when parties are ready to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve hardened disputes or lawsuits;
  • I conduct mediations nationwide by phone — if your matter requires a specialized mediator or an in-person mediation, I will tell you.

The first two services perform the role of an outside risk management consultant — training and coaching/mentoring of your team so they can identify issues and act in order to practice avoidance and mitigate exposure.

The third service is a proven way to resolve commercial disputes and lawsuits efficiently and cost-effectively so you can get back to business.

Rates and details are here.

. . .

  • The service is neutral dispute prevention, avoidance, and resolution as a mediator, educator, and coach;
  • I do not represent parties and I do not provide legal advice;
  • Similarly, neither the service nor this site provides legal advice;
  • As such, no attorney-client relationship forms.

Adam Wilson — (207) 699-9957 — adam.daley.wilson@gmail.com — Art Museum District — 180 High Street #14 — Portland Maine 04101

One block from the Westin Harborview near the Art Museum in downtown Portland.